Saturday, 3 March 2007

The power of the internet?

For those of you who have yet to see Al Gore & co's mini epic "An Inconvenient Truth" I can only recommend the viewing - however it does show that in this internet age the Al Gore's of this world might survive longer in the public arena than that other candidate ...

Website to view preview - click HERE


PC said...

I watched this on the plane back from India last week.

It's completely changed my perceptions about global warming and the potential effects for the next generations. It's chilling actually.

I'd always been in the 'it's a cyclical thing' camp, but Mr Gore has changed my views - to the point that I'm now spouting the facts to my teenage nieces...they have the most to lose and the most to gain.


Peter said...

See also,

Now a confession: I am not quite convinced by the arguments about global warming. I am probably 60% there or more likely 70%, but I'd just expect massive dampening effects that we cannot yet understand to come into play.

That all said, obviously one should act on the likelihood and not the realisation of something like global warming. So, like many others I have been replacing light bulbs etc. I bought our Megane (03) because at the time it was the lowest emissions car on the market. I am also pretty much meat/dairy-free. And I am pushing the architect/builders on my project in Ireland to think carbon. (They are not very interested!!)

And then there's an element in which global warming (and mankind's unworthiness) seems to have replaced the concept of sin in the western psyche. It seems to fulfill a need for us to worry.

But I haven't seen Inconvenient Truth yet and will no doubt feel ashamed of my doubting when I do.

I'm 70% there...definitely 60% .... and trying to be prudent (and I especially hate the concept of landfill .... ugh. A disgrace on our age).

I will study the science some more.

Peter said...

oh, just found this too...

Trudi said...

Peter: Have a look at these sites about products used etc. in building:
The real gurus on this subject are the likes of Bill Dunster of Zed Factory (architect) but ICF construction has really taken off in Ireland: